Chinese hospitals introduce sperm extracting machine

In Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China a hands-free sperm extraction machine was introduced recently. The machine is helping extracing for people who don’t feel comfortable doing it the old fashioned way. Youtube is filled with videos of this new machine.

The machine has a pink massage pipe at the front which can be adjusted to the likings of the user. It’s height can be changed, but also the pulsting speed and massage strength. It also has a display which can be used to set up the machine, but it can also show video to help speeding up results.

Of course this means there’s a new job now: hands-free sperm collector cleaner. We foresee this machine might make it to outside pure medical purpose to 2019’s most desired Christmas gift! Fun at parties too, but make sure to stock up on the inner tube… for sanitary reasons… Happy Hunning!

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