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War on Masturbation

vaseline-kleenexUtah is heading for a new law… to limit sales of Kleenex and Vaseline, in order to reduce masturbation. As if there was no masturbation possible without Kleenex and Vaseline!

“If a young man buys a lot of these items he has fallen pray to the seduction of masturbation”. And since masturbation is believed to a sin in some religions sales of large amounts of these items have to be stopped! That vaseline can be used to heal a dry skin and Kleenex is used heavily during girls’ film nights and common colds is ignored… It’s not a law yet though, but it’s being proposed.

We always wondered that why any God that would see masturbation as a sin would make your arms exactly the length that if you lay down on your back with nothing to do your hands end up in your crotch… wouldn’t it make much more sense to put any genitals on that hard to reach place between your shoulder blades instead of the most convenient place to rest your hands when you’re lying down? Ah well…

Cold on the outside

natural-snow-ballsEver wondered why testicles are dangling in a nutsack? It would make much more sense to pack such a delicate thing (or rather: things) on the inside of a body, where it’s protected by muscle tissue and such. But no, the very tender part of a male’s body is positioned outside his body, unprotected from the elements, and in a highly vulnerable place. Why? ’cause it’s colder there!

Sperm develops best several degrees below body temperature. And it stays alive a lot longer once activated at lower temperatures. And that’s why they’re excluded from the body and stored on the outside. Now you know!


remember video tapes?

Remember 1975? It was an era long before DVD’s and Blu-ray-disks when video tape recorders made their entrance into many people’s homes. Back then there was a wide variety of recorders, Sony’s Betamax, Philips’ Video 2000 and JVC’s VHS. The worst of these 3 were without a doubt VHS. Yet everybody ended up with a VHS recorder in their home… it became by far the most popular option. Why? Porn!


Sony and Philips both refused to let pornographers put adult material on their tapes. JVC didn’t care. So in the rental shows (yes, people used to go out to a shop to rent videos, which you had to turn back in after a week or so, and you got a fine if you forgot to rewind the tape!) the only porn related material was only available on VHS.

Philips ‘learned’ from this. When they came out with their CD-i, which was like a predecessor of today’s DVD and Blu-ray, back in 1991, the first contract they signed was with Playboy. A few years later the internet became widely available… with one little site called ‘The Hun’s Yellow Pages’ which started a whole new era… now you know!