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Love them forever

21-Grams-JP-3-1024x683“’till death do you apart’… well, not necessarily true… The artist Mark Sturkenboom already had a vibrator on the market that contains the ashes of a departed loved one. He just came out with a follow up called ‘Poetic Justice’. The package contains a vibrator with the ashes of a loved one, a scent to bring back memories to the intimate times, a place to store the wedding ring, the music to create a romantic atmosphere.

For those for whom this isn’t bizarre enough: “For those who saw the first edition as a taboo, or for those who considers getting even closer with her love, Poetic Justice gives one an alternative. This edition also contains a poisoned cigarette that offers the possibility to be eternally reunited with your sweetheart again“. A vibrator with the ashes of your departed loved one and a suicide cigarette… right…

For those interested, you can check Mark’s website. Now you know!


Erastes_eromenos_Staatliche_Antikensammlungen_1468We all don’t mind looking at sexy images. Whether it’ll be solo girls, guys or couples in action, men and women both seem to enjoy looking at erotic material. So do you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! Bot how long have people been watching pornographic material?

A little investigating quickly leads to the conclusion that nearly every culture and civilization somehow depicted their porn in paintings, sculptures, drawings or photographs. Though the current definition of ‘pornography’ is from the 1860’s. The first official definition of pornography is ‘a description of prostitutes or of prostitution, as a matter of public hygiene.’.

caveman vulva picThe earliest images that could be (or may be) considered porn are found in a cave in England. There were symbols found there that scientists believe to by stylized versions of female genitalia. They drawings are believed to be more than 12,000 years old. The oldest caveman action picture found was 7,200 years old and depicts a man being over a female so it appears they’re having intercourse.

Now you know!