New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Should Seek Out Escorts In London

Major news in the sporting world and beyond was broadcast everywhere recently when Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots NFL franchise was arrested for allegedly hiring an escort illegally in the United States to perform consensual sex acts with him for money.


Kraft’s alleged deals with local escorts took place during a playoff game weekend, so if the allegations are true it suggests that he enjoys mixing his sexual antics in with vacations relevant to his football team.


For that reason, we think Mr. Kraft ought to consider planning some trips to London for the upcoming season. The quality of the 2019 international offering of games is obvious with three division games and five playoff participants from last year going out on the field, including the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. Two of the four London Games will feature teams playing in the UK for the first time:

The 2019 international games are:


  • Carolina Panthers Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Chicago Bears Vs. Oakland Raiders
  • Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Houston Texans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The NFL will play two of the above games at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, and the other two at Wembley Stadium. Dates of the games have not yet been announced, but getting a date to go with you to the game is easier than ever thanks to the lovely ladies of


Babylon Girls is a local UK based website that many people throughout the United Kingdom visit each day to find mates and arrange dates. Fortunately, within the UK consensual escorting is entirely legal. So whether you are Robert Kraft looking to have sex with a pretty girl right before the big game, or any other person over the age of 18 seeking companionship, we highly recommend you visit the best escort site in London right now.


One look at the amazing Escort Gallery will have you well on your way to finding the best score of your life. These are all playoff winning caliber cuties who can’t wait to meet you and want to share your love of life, football and anything else that’s important to you. After all, the joy of going with an escort rather than a girlfriend is that you have a pre-established framework for your short-term relationship. She is there to help you have even more fun than you ever expected to be possible!

It’s also worth noting, if you are a professional cheerleader, or a girl capable of captivating fans the way a half-time show should, it is definitely worth your while to contact Babylon Escorts to inquire about getting your own slot on the site as one of the top escorts in the UK today. You could be living a jet setting lifestyle, while meeting interesting men like Robert Kraft as a new career and all it takes is your own winning personality.

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