Doctor’s advice: no popsicles


Though it’s tempting this summer with the temperatures reaching all time highs, don’t stick popsicles up your vagina to cool off!

We’re not making this up, it’s not fake news either. The advice initially came from Dr. Sarah Welsh. The vagina is composed of very delicate and sensitive skin. Getting in contact with things like ice popsicles can cause infections, irritations and damage. Eventually it can cause real trauma and damage. Also, the sugar in the lolly could potentially disrupt the natural pH of the vagina.

So, what do you do to cool off? We suggest a fan and a chair. Figure the rest out… Or check this lovely lady on that has found her own way to cool off!

VRConk Moves Virtual Reality Porn Forward To A New Era in Adult

The start of VR Porn happened with a lot of fanfare and plenty of momentum in the press but a lot of that died down pretty quickly as people discovered that watching porn through a cheap set of cardboard goggles really didn’t look so great. Then VR started to catch on with gamers and tech gurus who began producing much more powerful VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but having a cord attached to your head and needing a dedicated computer for VR porn was a bit much for casual fans. Finally technology and content are coming out to satisfy the real cravings porn fans have, and VRConk is at the head of the pack!


“We recognized early on that fans don’t just want to watch the same porn they can see in 2D as part of their VR experience, they want more than that, and rightfully so…” said Adam of “What fans want is a truly immersive way to enjoy sexual entertainment where the walls melt away and they have the genuine sense that they are present in the same location with the models as part of the action itself.”


The release of newer headsets like OculusGo means you can go completely wireless, and it’s the first of what will be many stand-alone devices that do not require any kind of computer to be attached. Just put on the headset and you are good to go! That breakthrough was big, but the moves being made on the content side of the equation are even more important.


“Our VR porn scenes aren’t just a girl filmed in a hotel room fucking, like you’d see on any tube site these days – we create fully immersive scenes with detailed atmospheres and environments that add a lot to the intensity of the action happening in the foreground,” added Adam. “Whether you want to fuck strange lifeforms as the captain of your own starship, or have a fetish for having Alice in Wonderland going down on you… VRConk is here to help.”


4K VR porn scenarios allow you to live in the moment while everything is happening around you. Enjoy new sensitivities and sensibilities as top name pornstars and amateur new starlets cum to life in the room with you. Turn your head to look around, zoom in or out and enjoy an unprecedented level of image clarity thanks to the new generation of headset optics and amazing camera equipment VRConk uses for each of its award winning productions.


“It was a sort of early-adopter tinkerer thing for a while,” Adam remembered, “but VR has quickly become ready for mainstream audiences, couples and casual porn fans alike. The cost of top quality headsets is now less than a couple hundred bucks, no wires of computers are needed and you can be watching the next generation of amazing hardcore XXX minutes after unwrapping your rig, if you check out the simple to follow easy steps explained in the VRConk members area. Come check us out and see for yourself right now!

Chinese hospitals introduce sperm extracting machine

In Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China a hands-free sperm extraction machine was introduced recently. The machine is helping extracing for people who don’t feel comfortable doing it the old fashioned way. Youtube is filled with videos of this new machine.

The machine has a pink massage pipe at the front which can be adjusted to the likings of the user. It’s height can be changed, but also the pulsting speed and massage strength. It also has a display which can be used to set up the machine, but it can also show video to help speeding up results.

Of course this means there’s a new job now: hands-free sperm collector cleaner. We foresee this machine might make it to outside pure medical purpose to 2019’s most desired Christmas gift! Fun at parties too, but make sure to stock up on the inner tube… for sanitary reasons… Happy Hunning!

New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Should Seek Out Escorts In London

Major news in the sporting world and beyond was broadcast everywhere recently when Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots NFL franchise was arrested for allegedly hiring an escort illegally in the United States to perform consensual sex acts with him for money.


Kraft’s alleged deals with local escorts took place during a playoff game weekend, so if the allegations are true it suggests that he enjoys mixing his sexual antics in with vacations relevant to his football team.


For that reason, we think Mr. Kraft ought to consider planning some trips to London for the upcoming season. The quality of the 2019 international offering of games is obvious with three division games and five playoff participants from last year going out on the field, including the NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. Two of the four London Games will feature teams playing in the UK for the first time:

The 2019 international games are:


  • Carolina Panthers Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Chicago Bears Vs. Oakland Raiders
  • Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Houston Texans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The NFL will play two of the above games at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, and the other two at Wembley Stadium. Dates of the games have not yet been announced, but getting a date to go with you to the game is easier than ever thanks to the lovely ladies of


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One look at the amazing Escort Gallery will have you well on your way to finding the best score of your life. These are all playoff winning caliber cuties who can’t wait to meet you and want to share your love of life, football and anything else that’s important to you. After all, the joy of going with an escort rather than a girlfriend is that you have a pre-established framework for your short-term relationship. She is there to help you have even more fun than you ever expected to be possible!

It’s also worth noting, if you are a professional cheerleader, or a girl capable of captivating fans the way a half-time show should, it is definitely worth your while to contact Babylon Escorts to inquire about getting your own slot on the site as one of the top escorts in the UK today. You could be living a jet setting lifestyle, while meeting interesting men like Robert Kraft as a new career and all it takes is your own winning personality.

Get Up Close And Personal With Your Favorite Cam Kitty Right Now

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Pornstar Platinum Turns The Best Pornstars Into Household Names World Wide

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NSA loves porn too

Hillary Wang, NSA agent, loaded millions of dickpics to her home computer

FBI agents have discovered an estimated 16 million pictures of men’s genitalia… dick pics… Where? In the home of an NSA employee!

Hillary Wang, allegedly used a custom-designed algorithm to target users dick pics and automatically upload them to her home servers. FBI agents confiscated 14 computers at Wang’s home. A grand total of 53 terabytes of illegally downloaded pictures and documents from the NSA… How’s that for a data breach?

16,000,000 pictures of American penises… with 162,000,000 men living in America that could be as much as 1 in 10 penises! You guys better check your computer’s security! Safe and Happy Hunning!

Steak and Blowjob

People, don’t forget, March 14 is international steak and blowjob day! There’s a good steak recipe from last year, we thought this year it would be a good idea to post a good blowjob recipe.

A blowjob is a shot that you drink without using your hands. The ingredients are simple: 1/2 oz Kahlùa, 1/2 oz Baileys and 1/2 oz whipped cream. First pour the Kahlùa and then carefully add the Baileys, making sure it floats on the Kahlùa. Top it off with the whipped cream. Alternatively you can make the same shot using Irish Cream Liqueur and Amaretto.

Now, for people that prefer wine or a cold beer with their steak, there are alternative blowjobs you can think of. Be creative! There are plenty of techniques listed on thehun! 🙂 Happy Hunning!

Dick Run Claire

Ladies and gentleman: we have a winner. You got to love a lady with good humor. Claire is one of them! She’s from Dallas, Texas she’s a beer enthusiast, and she works out! She works out often, and when she does she is making dicks with her app!

First, she carefully plans her route on a map, then she’s off making sure not to miss any turns, or she’ll ruin her dick drawings. We have an idea on what’s on her mind when she’s running. We can only applaud this frolic enthusiasm! Keep it up Claire!! Find her on instagram! There’s plenty of good dick-run ideas on there. And she even found a Twat Trot somewhere. Happy Hunning!

Valentine’s idea

Timeline Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education center

El Paso Zoo in El Paso, Texas (where else) has a great Valentines special! You can name a cockroach after your ex and they’ll feed it to their animals! Must be very satisfying for some people. If you want to join, check this facebook post!

Other zoos have followed this idea. The Oregon Wildlife rehabilitation center has salmons you can name, they’ll be fed to the bears.

Happy Hunning!