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NSA loves porn too

Hillary Wang, NSA agent, loaded millions of dickpics to her home computer

FBI agents have discovered an estimated 16 million pictures of men’s genitalia… dick pics… Where? In the home of an NSA employee!

Hillary Wang, allegedly used a custom-designed algorithm to target users dick pics and automatically upload them to her home servers. FBI agents confiscated 14 computers at Wang’s home. A grand total of 53 terabytes of illegally downloaded pictures and documents from the NSA… How’s that for a data breach?

16,000,000 pictures of American penises… with 162,000,000 men living in America that could be as much as 1 in 10 penises! You guys better check your computer’s security! Safe and Happy Hunning!

Steak and Blowjob

People, don’t forget, March 14 is international steak and blowjob day! There’s a good steak recipe from last year, we thought this year it would be a good idea to post a good blowjob recipe.

A blowjob is a shot that you drink without using your hands. The ingredients are simple: 1/2 oz Kahlùa, 1/2 oz Baileys and 1/2 oz whipped cream. First pour the Kahlùa and then carefully add the Baileys, making sure it floats on the Kahlùa. Top it off with the whipped cream. Alternatively you can make the same shot using Irish Cream Liqueur and Amaretto.

Now, for people that prefer wine or a cold beer with their steak, there are alternative blowjobs you can think of. Be creative! There are plenty of techniques listed on thehun! 🙂 Happy Hunning!

Dick Run Claire

Ladies and gentleman: we have a winner. You got to love a lady with good humor. Claire is one of them! She’s from Dallas, Texas she’s a beer enthusiast, and she works out! She works out often, and when she does she is making dicks with her app!

First, she carefully plans her route on a map, then she’s off making sure not to miss any turns, or she’ll ruin her dick drawings. We have an idea on what’s on her mind when she’s running. We can only applaud this frolic enthusiasm! Keep it up Claire!! Find her on instagram! There’s plenty of good dick-run ideas on there. And she even found a Twat Trot somewhere. Happy Hunning!

Valentine’s idea

Timeline Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education center

El Paso Zoo in El Paso, Texas (where else) has a great Valentines special! You can name a cockroach after your ex and they’ll feed it to their animals! Must be very satisfying for some people. If you want to join, check this facebook post!

Other zoos have followed this idea. The Oregon Wildlife rehabilitation center has salmons you can name, they’ll be fed to the bears.

Happy Hunning!

The purpose of breasts

I once read on a truckstop mensroom: “If women’s breasts were on the back side, slow dancing would be more fun”. I partially agree. It would make it more awkward for sure. But it made us think… what is their purpose?

The main purpose of course is providing nutrition for infants, but why would play such a big role in maturation. Surely that means they serve another purpose then just feeding babies. Since ages people have been portraying breasts in paintings and sculptures, so they must be somewhat attractive and pleasant to look at. We couldn’t agree more.

Mother nature has breasts too. Many mountains are named after breasts ’cause they somehow resemble the shape. The mountains have been worshipped by many old cultures. In Asia you have “breast mountain” with a nearby cave where a Buddhist monk spent much time meditating… Even the US has a mountain named after breasts, they mountains where called “Les Trois Tetons” by the French, which translates to “The Three Breasts”. The grand Teton – the tallest of the three mountains, literally translates into “the big tit”. I know where my next hike is off to!

More reading on this subject at wikipedia! Happy Hunning!

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from us at The Hun’s to everybody visiting. It’s heartwarming to see this site still stand strong after being on-line since 1995! We still enjoy working on the site! 23 years is like forever in internet years. And thus far we’re planning on keeping this up for at least another 23! 🙂

So, even if you don’t celebrate anything right now, we still wish you all the very best from our side of the world! Happy Hunning!!

Don’t get tricked!

If you received reports that your EMAIL WAS HACKED AND PEOPLE GAINED ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER, read this: There is a new way scammers are trying to make some cash… With recent data leaks on Uber, Twitter, Air Canada, etc…  hackers have gotten their hands on people’s email addresses and other personal information, in some cases including passwords. Many people still seem to use the same password for all websites!

We’ve gotten reports from people that received an email from an apparent hacker that hacked into their computer, gaining access to their camera and filming them secretly while they were surfing porn websites. Of course the video will be deleted after you pay a sum of money (in bitcoins) to the hackers… Rest assured… you computer most likely isn’t hacked. Your email address was probably in one of the hacked websites, which is where they also got your password. So it is a sign your personal information has been compromised by a site you signed up for. Especially them including your password in the email makes this latest scam seem it’s real… it’s not… Unfortunately people fall for this nonsense and transfer bitcoins to these ‘hackers’.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? Well, first of all, make a new password for every website. That way, if you get a message like this, you’ll know which website they took your password from. It’s always good to have a good, hard to guess and unique password for every site you are member to.

Although the emails that have recently been sent out are most likely fake and try to scare you into paying money, we can not emphasise enough that it’s important to have good security installed on your computer! If you’re looking for a free security program you can check out Avast antivirus for Windows, for Mac users Sophos is a free alternative. Happy (and safe) Hunning!

Sex Doll repair?

Men hate not being able to fully inflate, but for a sex doll it must be terrible as well. And whilst men can rely on the little blue pill, sex dolls can’t swallow… well… you know what I mean…

Luckily there is hope! And that hope is called Slade Fiero. He is an expert in repairing Realdolls, a popular brand of sex dolls. So if you ever went a tad too far with your plastic partner: no worries! Contact Slade, he’ll give her the TLC she so desperately needs. It must be the next level in plastic surgery!

There is a documentary on the subject as well, a little preview can be found on youtube. Looking for some realdoll action online? You might want to check the Hunstore!. Happy Hunning!