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High Roller

image-pilotA British Airways pilot got fired… now that normally won’t be news, but the reason this man got fired was that he… well… pleasured himself in mid air. Wearing stockings he flew the airplane with his feet ’cause he needed his hands for other things. I guess he had his mind on his job… And admittedly… those long flights can get very boring!

The weird part… Pilots aren’t allowed in the cockpit alone… It seems the co-pilot stayed clear from the camera, he apparently still works at BA… Now you know why they call it a cockpit…

It’s clear this wasn’t a flight with WiFi on board. The pilot had pornographic magazines open on the aircraft’s controls. Obviously he normally would have checked thehun.net on his mobile to get his kicks! Happy Hunning!



GSpotLet’s learn something today! You can use this for yourself (if you happen to be female and haven’t found it yet) or for someone else of course. This gets a little clinical, but I can assure you, once you know where it is it will give you a lot of satisfaction!

The G-spot (or Gräfenberg-spot) is about the size of a quarter, it feels a bit rougher than the tissue around it. Just like a male’s reproductive organ the g-spot tends to swell up when it’s owner gets excited and blood rushes in to it. It’s located about two inches back from the vagina opening inside the front vagina wall. I told you it would be clinical!

Easiest way to find it is when she lies on her back and you insert your index or middle finger all the way without force with the palm of your hand facing up. Then bend your finger upwards sliding it against the wall until you find an area that’s a little rougher than the surrounding tissue. Of course a little guiding from the original owner of the G-spot will help you find it! Enjoy!

Love them forever

21-Grams-JP-3-1024x683“’till death do you apart’… well, not necessarily true… The artist Mark Sturkenboom already had a vibrator on the market that contains the ashes of a departed loved one. He just came out with a follow up called ‘Poetic Justice’. The package contains a vibrator with the ashes of a loved one, a scent to bring back memories to the intimate times, a place to store the wedding ring, the music to create a romantic atmosphere.

For those for whom this isn’t bizarre enough: “For those who saw the first edition as a taboo, or for those who considers getting even closer with her love, Poetic Justice gives one an alternative. This edition also contains a poisoned cigarette that offers the possibility to be eternally reunited with your sweetheart again“. A vibrator with the ashes of your departed loved one and a suicide cigarette… right…

For those interested, you can check Mark’s website. Now you know!

War on Masturbation

vaseline-kleenexUtah is heading for a new law… to limit sales of Kleenex and Vaseline, in order to reduce masturbation. As if there was no masturbation possible without Kleenex and Vaseline!

“If a young man buys a lot of these items he has fallen pray to the seduction of masturbation”. And since masturbation is believed to a sin in some religions sales of large amounts of these items have to be stopped! That vaseline can be used to heal a dry skin and Kleenex is used heavily during girls’ film nights and common colds is ignored… It’s not a law yet though, but it’s being proposed.

We always wondered that why any God that would see masturbation as a sin would make your arms exactly the length that if you lay down on your back with nothing to do your hands end up in your crotch… wouldn’t it make much more sense to put any genitals on that hard to reach place between your shoulder blades instead of the most convenient place to rest your hands when you’re lying down? Ah well…


Ok, this is weird, even for us! We heard people can feel like they’re on fire, or they describe themselves as hot, but setting fire to your own wedding tackle for sexual stimulation is – at least – out of the ordinary!

We’ll be featuring more videos from jokes.xxx, it’s a little side project we’re doing, check it out of a good adult laugh!

We checked online to see if there’s a scientific term for masturbating with fire, but we couldn’t find anything. Let’s just call it pyrobation or fire jerking…

Objects for men


In our survey on masturbation techniques we learned men are more resourceful when it comes to find things to have sex with than women. The girl’s favorite (the pillow) seems to be victimized by men as well, but part from that anything seems to go with men. The obvious apple pie and vibrators were confessed about a lot. The male love for bananas was surprising, but the most desirable object for men to have sex with seems to be the shower head! Now you know!

Objects for women


We are doing a little survey on masturbation techniques (thehun.net/masturbation), which brings out some interesting facts. First of all the ladies! You girls seem to confess a lot about having sex with vibrators, which is not surprising, it’s what they’re there for! You do seem to be fond of candles, pens and hairbrushes as well though! And that poor Teddy bear (or lucky bear!), he’s very popular as well. Most popular object to have sex with for women seems to be the pillow though. Now you know!


256c057922afd27.18921795Ok, valentine is long gone, but we’re building up quite a collection of masturbation confessions already. So we’ll keep this story on here for now.

Valentine was here again… Time to get romantic with the one you love. That doesn’t have to be another person though! We started a little collection of Masturbation Techniques on the Hun’s! Don’t be shy and anonymously submit your favorite way to get off. You could be a great inspiration to others! Have fun this Valentine’s weekend! 🙂

Of course you want to know where to find these techniques: well, they’re at http://thehun.net/masturbation/. Happy Hunning!