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How many gallons


The average man has 7,200 ejaculations in his life. You might have heard of the band called 10cc (wikipedia). They named their band after the average volume of one ejeculate. Doing the math learns that the average man therefor ejaculates 152 pints of semen in his life. That’s 19 gallons.

So how much sperm is ejected into the world every day? Roughly a life lasts about 30,000 days. That means the average man has one ejaculation every 4 days (give or take). At the moment we have over 7 billion people walking on this planet. Roughly half of those are men. 3.5 billion people ejaculating once every 4 days is 875 million squirts a day. This multiplied by 10cc (2 teaspoons) means a little over 230,000 gallons (875,000 litres) of sperm produced every day! This means it would take all men in the world about 3 days to fill up an olympic swimming pool.

oly swimming pool 001