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China puts ban on bananas

pair-of-bananas-1-1544954Well, not on all bananas in general, but they put a ban on posting¬†bananas online. Other fruit is ok, but not bananas! The reason? Porn (again)! The Chinese government ordered websites to check streams for any forms of “seductively eating bananas”. China is trying to put a ban on any content that might be considered vulgar, violent or too sexual.

Though we believe eating bananas is never very violent we do agree that girls eating bananas can be somewhat erotic, even without a strong imagination. Whether or not that’s true is up to you of course.

check these girls eating bananas

Objects for men


In our survey on masturbation techniques we learned men are more resourceful when it comes to find things to have sex with than women. The girl’s favorite (the pillow) seems to be victimized by men as well, but part from that anything seems to go with men. The obvious¬†apple pie and vibrators were confessed about a lot. The male love for bananas was surprising, but the most desirable object for men to have sex with seems to be the shower head! Now you know!

Porn on youtube


Google is pretty strict when it comes to porn. However, when is something porn and when is it education? We checked out youtube and found some clips that we would consider porn… or at least very exciting education!

The first video we came across was a female health channel that explains in great detail how to shave yourself. It’s on youtube, so it can’t be porn… but we’re not convinced.

Also pretty explicit was this video youtube about male Brazilian waxing, or this female applying oil after waxing video. Granted, you to confirm you’re over 18, but we’re still not sure this isn’t porn to some people.

Maybe it’s all about context. A banana is a fruit, but we have plenty of proof it can also be a sex toy. Now you know.