bugSorry for the panic right there people!!! The Hun was off-line for a while. It doesn’t happen often, but it did now. It was completely my own mistake. As you might know The Hun’s Yellow Pages is not a big operation. It’s two people running it, one does all the programming and design (me, the one that fucked up just now… ) and the other makes sure all the links on the site are up to the standard we have.

Normally updates/upgrades and changes go relatively seamlessly, but in this case it was a matter of forgetting to upload one single file, which caused the Hun’s Yellow Pages to have a breakdown and show an error on the site… rest assured… it’s been fixed. I can’t promise it won’t happen again, after all, I’m only human… and well, sometimes we all mess up, don’t we 🙂

Happy Hunning!!!

3 thoughts on “SORRY

  1. kev

    So what types of systems to you host your website on?
    do you host things or just link to others? I’m in the computer support business and just curious as to what happened.

    1. The Hun Post author

      In this case it was a programming error, completely my error. It was in fact my host that pointed out the problem to me with their site monitor system they have. I do all programming for thehun myself. Usually it goes ok, but we’re deploying a major update on the caching of everything. There was a design flaw in there (totally my own fault) that caused things to go south in this case. As usual this was a small error (hash tables not expired before generating new values, so they were added to the old values instead of replacing them) with major problems triggered by it… Ah well… 🙂

  2. kev

    Thank you for the info. as I said – just curious as to how these things happy. I provide support for large companies and most of the time it’s just human error.


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