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Airline Stewardesses

Ok, admit it, every man (and maybe woman) that ever stepped on board of a plane secretly checked out the flight attendants! It’s just part of the ‘on board entertainment’. You have to keep busy on those long flights, right? Well, A Vietnamese airline must have noticed this as well.

The airline VietJet Air attracted attention when they had their stewardesses perform a bikini show on some of it’s flights. They even were fined by regulators for the ‘unapproved show’. At The Hun’s we approve of these new outfits though! Way to go VietJet Air!


1280px-CaulkingSilicone is used in a wide range of items, it can be a fluid or more rubbery. We use it as a basic sealant against water and air, as lubricant. Silicone is very different from silicon! Silicon is an interesting material that you can find in nature. We use it to make computer chips… the device you’re reading this on (provided you weren’t old-fashioned and printed this out) is ran by a silicon chip. Chances are you’ll be watching some silicone with it too, a link or two will be provided at the bottom of this post :). But silicone is produced by men. It’s not a natural substance, though it can feel that way!

When you’re a regular on this site you’ve seen a lot of silicone. Well, to be more precise: you saw a lot of things enhanced with silicone. The first cosmetic breast enhancement was developed in the 1960’s. These days breast implants are not as popular as in the 90’s. Whether you’re a fan of it or not is solely up to you. Do the test, what do you prefer? Large fake boobs, Large natural ones, or small boobs?

At The Hun’s we like ’em in all sizes, something nice for everybody! Happy Hunning!

Australia equips Olympic team with extra safe condoms

1463292120600The Australian pharmaceutical company Starpharma announced it will supply extra safe condoms for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The reason is that they want to be extra safe against the Zika Virus. Now that it turned out that the Zika virus is sexually transferable Australia wants to be as safe as possible.

We honestly believe that the biggest risk is getting bitten by a mosquito while actually performing the deed you need that condom for in the first place. So unless the Zika virus gives sperm cells the change to bite their way through a regular condom we don’t think this will make sex much safer for the Australian Olympic team.

To us this raises another question: how many condoms are there bein used during these olympics? We’ll get back to you on that!

Claudia Marie

cmhunSome 4 years ago we met a lady in Las Vegas. I know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I’m not going to the details, but the lady with the beautiful thick Texan accent was Claudia Marie. And we loved her ever since! That feeling seems to be mutual, she did this shout out video for us a while back which was featured on our tube.

We just got word that she’s been in the industry for 9 years. Actually a little longer than that (she started in Feb. 2007), but who’s counting?! Some of you might know Claudia, she’s featured regularly on our site, you can find her galleries on our

I know she’s got a huge fan-base at thehun’s, so she came up with a little celebrational promotion: You can join her site now and get the first month for $9.00 instead of the regular $29.99. So for all you Claudia Marie fans out there: enjoy. And for the rest… happy hunning! :). Oh, and now Claudia Maria owes us another beer when we meet again in Vegas! 🙂

China puts ban on bananas

pair-of-bananas-1-1544954Well, not on all bananas in general, but they put a ban on posting bananas online. Other fruit is ok, but not bananas! The reason? Porn (again)! The Chinese government ordered websites to check streams for any forms of “seductively eating bananas”. China is trying to put a ban on any content that might be considered vulgar, violent or too sexual.

Though we believe eating bananas is never very violent we do agree that girls eating bananas can be somewhat erotic, even without a strong imagination. Whether or not that’s true is up to you of course.

check these girls eating bananas


GSpotLet’s learn something today! You can use this for yourself (if you happen to be female and haven’t found it yet) or for someone else of course. This gets a little clinical, but I can assure you, once you know where it is it will give you a lot of satisfaction!

The G-spot (or Gräfenberg-spot) is about the size of a quarter, it feels a bit rougher than the tissue around it. Just like a male’s reproductive organ the g-spot tends to swell up when it’s owner gets excited and blood rushes in to it. It’s located about two inches back from the vagina opening inside the front vagina wall. I told you it would be clinical!

Easiest way to find it is when she lies on her back and you insert your index or middle finger all the way without force with the palm of your hand facing up. Then bend your finger upwards sliding it against the wall until you find an area that’s a little rougher than the surrounding tissue. Of course a little guiding from the original owner of the G-spot will help you find it! Enjoy!

Love them forever

21-Grams-JP-3-1024x683“’till death do you apart’… well, not necessarily true… The artist Mark Sturkenboom already had a vibrator on the market that contains the ashes of a departed loved one. He just came out with a follow up called ‘Poetic Justice’. The package contains a vibrator with the ashes of a loved one, a scent to bring back memories to the intimate times, a place to store the wedding ring, the music to create a romantic atmosphere.

For those for whom this isn’t bizarre enough: “For those who saw the first edition as a taboo, or for those who considers getting even closer with her love, Poetic Justice gives one an alternative. This edition also contains a poisoned cigarette that offers the possibility to be eternally reunited with your sweetheart again“. A vibrator with the ashes of your departed loved one and a suicide cigarette… right…

For those interested, you can check Mark’s website. Now you know!


Erastes_eromenos_Staatliche_Antikensammlungen_1468We all don’t mind looking at sexy images. Whether it’ll be solo girls, guys or couples in action, men and women both seem to enjoy looking at erotic material. So do you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! Bot how long have people been watching pornographic material?

A little investigating quickly leads to the conclusion that nearly every culture and civilization somehow depicted their porn in paintings, sculptures, drawings or photographs. Though the current definition of ‘pornography’ is from the 1860’s. The first official definition of pornography is ‘a description of prostitutes or of prostitution, as a matter of public hygiene.’.

caveman vulva picThe earliest images that could be (or may be) considered porn are found in a cave in England. There were symbols found there that scientists believe to by stylized versions of female genitalia. They drawings are believed to be more than 12,000 years old. The oldest caveman action picture found was 7,200 years old and depicts a man being over a female so it appears they’re having intercourse.

Now you know!