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sweet dreams

156a653db7150e6.39672082Every woken up bathing in sweat, feeling exhausted and basically… used… chances are you have been visited by a succubus. A Succubus traces back to medieval times when it was believed to be a supernatural entity, a female demon that seduces men in their sleep, usually through sexual activity.

In modern times the term means ‘a bitchy, controlling girlfriend’, according to For us it’s a reason to sleep with the window closed from now on. Unless you like to literally get the life sucked out of you while you sleep of course. Now you know!



The most popular month for babies to get born is August? Why? Because the most popular month to make babies apparently is November… One theory suggests that people have less sex (yes, this is the main reason for babies to be born!) in the warm months. We tend to snuggle close together in the colder months, and one thing can lead to another…

Another theory suggest the peak in August is caused by the availability of food. Traditionally there was more food available during the colder winter months, causing sperm to be healthier and giving offspring more chance of surviving.

We tend to think it’s because the days get shorter and shorter (if you happen to live on the Northern hemisphere), and making babies is a fun thing you can do in the dark! This seems to make sense if you consider the most popular months for babies to be born in Australia is March…

Porn on youtube


Google is pretty strict when it comes to porn. However, when is something porn and when is it education? We checked out youtube and found some clips that we would consider porn… or at least very exciting education!

The first video we came across was a female health channel that explains in great detail how to shave yourself. It’s on youtube, so it can’t be porn… but we’re not convinced.

Also pretty explicit was this video youtube about male Brazilian waxing, or this female applying oil after waxing video. Granted, you to confirm you’re over 18, but we’re still not sure this isn’t porn to some people.

Maybe it’s all about context. A banana is a fruit, but we have plenty of proof it can also be a sex toy. Now you know.

Condom Sizes

Ok, the world’s largest condom is 20 ft (6 mtr), but it’s used for promotion, not as an actual condom. The largest condom available on the market today is 9.25″ (23.5cm) long and 4.42″ around. Now, a good latex condom will stretch about 10-20 times it’s own size, so this should be enough for even the biggest equipped men.

The smallest condom available. It’s 3″ (8cm) long and 1.6″ around.

156912869376662.16612181In the US 450 Million condoms are sold each year. World-wide the number is 5 billion.

Condoms have been in use for 400 years. These days they are generally made out of latex. The earlier ones were made out of animal intestines…

The porn industry is affected by condom use as well. When a law was instated in LA requiring porn actors to wear condoms during shoots most of the industry moved to Las Vegas. Now you know… stay safe!


1568c6b7477a195.86558680Many people are concerned about averages: how big is the average penis, the average boob, how many times people have sex on average (or average sex)… but is this really important? Sure, the average penis is 4-7 inches, the average boob snugly fits a 36C bra and the average person has sex once every 3-4 days, the average love-making session takes 3-13 minutes… but keep the following in mind: the average person has one testicle, one ovary and only half a penis…

Oldest Dildo

1568dca38bc0563.80520408We got many questions about the oldest dildo from the previous post. Well, it’s 28,000 years old and was found near a city called Ulm in Germany. It’s 20cm (almost 8″). Although nobody is really certain if the phallus representative was really a sex toy, one of the scientists involved with the excavation of the stone penis noted: “it’s highly polished”.

It’s made out of siltstone or whetstone and didn’t run on batteries for sure.

Sex Toys

Checking some online survey results surfaced some interesting facts. 23% of the adults around the world have used a sex toy. That’s literally billions of toys! No wonder the sex toy industry grew to huge proportions, with sales in the US alone surpassing 15 billion dollars!

The vibrator is the most commonly used sex toy. Originally designed to treat female hysteria in the 1800’s, it arose in many different forms. Heavy Metal / hard Rock’n’Roll legends Motörhead came out with own design vibrator which is supposed to rock everybody’s world.

The oldest sex toy is about 22.000 years old, though it’s not 100% sure if it was a sex toy, a fire maker or used to hunt rabbits. It certainly could be used as a sex toy. The company Hitachi accidentally made on of the best-selling sex-toy-that-was-not-supposed-to-be-a-sex-toy. The Hitachi Magic Wand was designed to be a muscle relaxer. What were they thinking?!

How many gallons


The average man has 7,200 ejaculations in his life. You might have heard of the band called 10cc (wikipedia). They named their band after the average volume of one ejeculate. Doing the math learns that the average man therefor ejaculates 152 pints of semen in his life. That’s 19 gallons.

So how much sperm is ejected into the world every day? Roughly a life lasts about 30,000 days. That means the average man has one ejaculation every 4 days (give or take). At the moment we have over 7 billion people walking on this planet. Roughly half of those are men. 3.5 billion people ejaculating once every 4 days is 875 million squirts a day. This multiplied by 10cc (2 teaspoons) means a little over 230,000 gallons (875,000 litres) of sperm produced every day! This means it would take all men in the world about 3 days to fill up an olympic swimming pool.

oly swimming pool 001