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Stolen Testicles

Who does that?! A Russian TV actor (Dmitry Nikolaev) was hanging out in a bar in Moscow when he was approached by a young woman. One thing led to another and the couple ended up in a sauna somewhere. The next thing Dmitry remembers is waking up in a bus stop in a lot of pain and covered in blood… don’t you just hate days like that…

When he was found and rushed to the hospital doctors found out his testicles were removed. According to specialists the procedure was carried out skillfully, they couldn’t have done a better job themselves.

Police is searching for a gang, including a doctor, who drugged the TV actor and removed his testicles. What happened to the testicles is unknown… weird…

Cold on the outside

natural-snow-ballsEver wondered why testicles are dangling in a nutsack? It would make much more sense to pack such a delicate thing (or rather: things) on the inside of a body, where it’s protected by muscle tissue and such. But no, the very tender part of a male’s body is positioned outside his body, unprotected from the elements, and in a highly vulnerable place. Why? ’cause it’s colder there!

Sperm develops best several degrees below body temperature. And it stays alive a lot longer once activated at lower temperatures. And that’s why they’re excluded from the body and stored on the outside. Now you know!