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Greater Member?

ad_228283283Bishop Daniel Obinim from Ghana says he can perform miracles! He claims he can enlarge a man’s penis with a mere touch of his blessed hands, and apparently people believe him as well!

The Bishop asks people that don’t like parts of their body to come to him. He gracefully offers to massage women’s breasts in order to enlarge them. He can enlarge buttocks as well, all with a touch of the hand… The bishop is highly controversial and is facing charges over acts he performed in the past.

We believe increasing penis size on the touch of a hand is possible, provided the touch is gentle and in a stroking motion… results are only temporary though! Happy Hunning!

Penis transplant

156a8ef2c6db154.60268258Men are known for sometimes over-protecting their wedding tackle. Although understandable (it’s a sensitive piece of equipment), it is entirely possible to have a penis replaced in case the owner and his dick somehow get separated. It can be transplanted from one person (#donor) to another, or one can be artificially grown (although this only has been done on rabbits so far), or it can be reconstructed from another part of the patient’s body, a procedure called phalloplasty

The first successful penis transplant was done in 2014 in South Africa. Results were a fully functional member (read about it). Now you know!

The Largest Penis


Who has the largest member in the world? The Huffington Post have an interview online with Jonah Falcon, and Jonah must feel pretty beat right now… He’s certainly not small endowed with 13.5 inch (34 cm) of love canon, he can only stand in the shadow of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. This guy has a penis of 18.9 inches (48 cm)! There’s even a video of him weighing it on youtube.

Of course having a dick that big is pretty useless. Most women would run away at the mere sight of such a monstrous member, and a visit to the little boys room is killing on your back. Oh, the average penis size is 4-7 inches (10-18 cm), so both these men are way above that.