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156a656817e3764.34200484We lately had an article about the succubus, but women aren’t safe while they sleep either. There is a male version, known as the Incubus. An incubus is a demon that visits women at night, lies upon women and engages in sexual activity with them. They are believed to have a unnaturally large, ice cold penis, and some say even men aren’t safe: the Incubus is said to be bisexual.

There’s also a Californian rock band called Incubus, but their nightly activities are slightly different from visiting unsuspecting sleeping women at night.

sweet dreams

156a653db7150e6.39672082Every woken up bathing in sweat, feeling exhausted and basically… used… chances are you have been visited by a succubus. A Succubus traces back to medieval times when it was believed to be a supernatural entity, a female demon that seduces men in their sleep, usually through sexual activity.

In modern times the term means ‘a bitchy, controlling girlfriend’, according to urbandictionary.com. For us it’s a reason to sleep with the window closed from now on. Unless you like to literally get the life sucked out of you while you sleep of course. Now you know!