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Happy Birthday!

jumpoutcakeThe Hun’s Yellow Pages has been around for a loooong time now! How long? Well, 21 years to be exact! This makes it the first adult website that’s finally got adult! I bet some of the visitors weren’t even born when this site started!

The design of the site never changed much. The color has been changed twice when there were some family additions and of course we adapted to mobile and tablet, but since 1995 people have been visiting this page looking at the same yellow color and the ever growing collection of links to free porn on the web.

How did it start? In 1995 I was finishing my education (technical computer science) and this thing called ‘the internet’ came along. Being curious I wanted to know how that worked and built a simple web page using some program I found somewhere. With that I backwards engineered how HTML worked and in the process I built this page. So it was never the purpose to build the longest standing porn site in the world, the only goal was to learn HTML. Once uploaded and shared with some friend on the web it quickly went viral (when all the social networks were still actual people meeting each other). The rest is pretty much history! Happy Hunning!


156b154ddd2a184.04941588A police office in the UK was investigating a noise coming from a house in Bradford-on-Avon in the UK. The building, which was usually empty in the weekends, was in use and the door was open. Wanting to check on the situation officer Mike Ober entered the building to find himself surrounded by mid-aged cougars who were celebrating the 50th birthday of one of their friends. Upon seeing the police officer one of the ladies shouter “You’re early”, but that didn’t stop all the women from shouting loud cheers encouraging the officer to start his act. Ober in turn hastily turned around and exited the building where he ran into the real stripper that was hired as a stripogram. How’s that for secondary working conditions?!