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Biggest Gangbang

gangbang (ˈɡæŋˌbæŋ)- n. Vulgar Slang

  1. Sexual intercourse forced upon one person by several others in rapid succession
  2. Sexual intercourse involving several people who select and change partners


So, now we know what the definition of the noun ‘gangbang’ means, what was the biggest gangbang ever? There is a movie out called The world’s biggest gang bang which would indicate it’s the biggest. It stars porn actor Ron Jeremy as the host and part II was filmed (1996) where Jasmin St. Claire took on 300 men. In 1999 the 4 hour movie The Houston 620 was filmed. Although it’s not really clear how many people have intercourse with Houston it’s said that there’s a total of 620 ejaculations in that gang bang. There were 500 men when the movie was shot.

And the world’s smallest gangbang? That must have been the movie the World’s smallest gangbang, a 45 minute movie with only little people in the cast. Now you know!