Norwegian authorities have a request

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‘Do not have sex on roundabouts and do not walk naked over bridges’. For us this was a reason to start checking into flights to Oslo, but it got us wondering where this request came from at the same time.

Apparently Norwegian students have a tradition of celebrating their exams by running naked over bridges and making love in public places. The warning from the authorities explains: “It’s not dangerous to be on a bridge naked, but it could distract drivers and make them forget they’re behind the wheel”. We saw some Norwegian beauties on thehun, so we can only confirm they indeed distract!

Stay safe, also on roundabouts and bridges in Norway! Happy Hunning!


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We have a new hobby! We’re even thinking of making this a business… Ever heard of Yoni Massage? According to Wikipedia it’s a ‘Tantric massage that primarily focuses on the vulva and vagina’. There’s a male counterpart to Yoni as well, it’s Lingam massage. Both are described as a therapeutic way to relieve tension in the private areas. By common people known as ‘sex’ or ‘masturbation’.

We’re all for it though. After all, it sounds way nicer to ask someone if you can relieve them from tensions through a tantric massage then just ‘grab em by the pussy’. You’ll even get paid instead of sued! Same goes for the ladies, though apparently many men will probably choose a handjob over a Lingam massage. For both massages instruction videos can be found – since it’s educational and not porn – on youtube. We’re off to the store to stock up on oil now! Happy Hunning!

Next Wednesday: Steak and Blowjob

We all know February 14th is Valentine’s day, but there’s another “day of love” coming up: international Steak & Blowjob day on the 14th of March (there’s even a Wiki about it)! And of course for the day after Steak & BJ: the Chicken and Licking day. So, in order to celebrate both, here’s a recipe on steak, and one for chicken. I think you can figure out a way to learn about Blowjobs and Licking!

Spoil yourself and go for a Rib-eye steak. Cook it with the fat still on it, you can take that off after you’re done cooking, or leave it on, whatever you prefer. You first heat a frying pan, as hot as it’ll go. Add some oil (Avocado can stand heat nicely, peanut oil is good too), a bruised garlic clove and any herb of your liking. Season the steak with salt and pepper and cook for 1½ – 2½ minutes on each side. Take out the steaks and poor some wine in the pan (it will sizzle!), season with salt and pepper, maybe add a little mustard or honey to make a nice sauce. Enjoy with a bit of bread! The steak is best done medium rare, the blowjob should be well done!

I like Thai food, a nice easy Thai chicken dish is Thai larb. Add some raw sticky rice to a wok, no oil or anything. Stir continuously so it doesn’t burn. As soon as it starts to color (can take a while) grind it to a powder. Add some oil to the wok, add 2 lbs (1 kilo) of minced chicken and a cup of fish sauce and stir fry ’till the chicken is done. Add 2 dices onions, a tablespoon of dried chillies (or more if you prefer spicy) and some dried Laos (or Galangal) and stir for another minute. The add chopped fresh cilantro (coriander) and serve with rice!

Apparently for people that don’t go for either of there there is always Pizza and a wank. Happy Hunning! 🙂

Whitening Penis

A new trend has risen: Penis whitening. We all heard of anal bleaching, lightening the color of the skin around the anus, but the trend is spreading, so to speak, and reaches all the way to the male genitals now.

Especially in Asia this very popular. A clinic called the Lelux Hospital uses laser to break down melanin in the skin, making it whiter. They get about 100 people a month for the procedure.

We can’t but wonder about the side effects…

Monty Python

Every heard of Monty Python? They’re a British comedy group known for creating numerous sketches and songs for their comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. They created a gem of a song called ‘sit on my face’. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it:

‘Sit on my face’ was released in 1982 and was banned in the US for it’s lyrics. A radio station playing the song on the radio 1992 got charged with FCC Indecency Fines and ended up having to pay $9,200 for airing the song. I think the lyrics won’t be too offensive for our Hun audience though :)… Enjoy… And happy New Year!

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Dr. BJ’s Bar

There are many themed bars in the world, ranging from your innocent sports bars to strip clubs and everything in between. There are clown bars (Jumbo’s Clown Room in LA springs to mind), zombie bars, ice bars, gaming bars, etc. etc… we found one very interesting bar in Bangkok though… yes… where else…

The atmosphere is clinical, everything’s white. The staff is dressed as nurses. The bar describes itself with “soapy massage”. The name of the bar? Dr. BJ’s. You can come here for a cold beer… or a hot… err… soapy massage… Yeah right… as if the name “Dr. BJ’s” doesn’t give away what this bar really offers… Apparently the staff is very helpful, you’ll leave clean and all soaped up.

We prefer a beer…. or 6…. so no personal experiences on this review. But judging by the reviews this will be one soapy experience with a certain happy end!

After writing this article it was brought to our attention that the Thailand Police threatened to shut down Dr. BJ’s for openly advertising porn (pornography is illegal in Thailand). Now the bar is called The Chrome Bar… ah well… it was fun while it lasted.

If you come across an interesting bar, make sure to let us know. Just drop us an email or a message on our facebook page. It doesn’t have to be porn related, as long as it’s interesting 🙂

Waiting for Pizza

A couple waiting for pizza was charged with indecent behaviour last year. Both partners pleaded guilty. It was kind of senseless to do otherwise: everything was caught on a security camera.

The couple ordered a stuffed crust pizza and thinking of that nice, juicy, stuffed crust got their juices flowing. Unable to wait ’till they got home they decided to go for it, right then and there, against the Domino’s pizza counter. The security cam registered them having oral sex and intercourse for 18 minutes, quite an accomplishment on an empty stomach!

The couple had been spared jail time. They were given 12 month community orders and a sex-month curfew which prohibits them from leaving their houses between 7pm and 7am. We would suggest firing the Domino’s worker that took 18 minutes to prepare a stuffed crust pizza in the first place!

The original footage can be found on youtube

pumping iron

In the German city of Worms a young man was trying to work on his body… We all know some people like to experiment, but what this man was thinking we’ll never know. A penis is not a muscle… yet he decided to put a little weight in his quality time!

Result was as you can see in the image. The fire department were called to come to the hospital to free the man from the weight he got his penis stuck in. It took them 3 hours with a grinder and their hydraulic tools to free the man.

We can only hope they confiscated the other weight to prevent this man from doing it again.

A Porn Stories Video Site Like This One is Rare And Exciting

Long ago when porn was rare, it was hard to find quality smut and fans turned to seeking links to the best pics, videos and erotica available anywhere online. As things changed and the porn became much more popular, some mistakenly thought great porn would become easier to catch. In fact the opposite has happened. Instead of looking for one rare video isolated by itself in the earlier era, now fans are left to dig through mountains of nonsense if we want to find that one fantastic porn video we have been looking for all along.

The Hun is always here to help, and fortunately there are a growing number of porn sites that are coming to the rescue of porn fans everywhere by sorting out curated lists of quality XXX hardcore action for you from all the rest. It should come as no surprise that the best directories for adult content these days are sites that rely mostly on editorial text, reviews and link lists like

As an example, check out the site which originally built its brand by publishing quality sex stories for readers. Now they have expanded the website to include free porn videos and you can tell right away from the collection of XXX videos on their site that they are real porn fans just like us!

The website like this one has a lot to offer, free porn, adult movies, but especially when you combine the possibilities of preheating your libido with intimate fictional accounts of taboo sexual interludes, followed by the visceral experience of seeing some of the same sorts of niche porn activities happening in hardcore high resolution videos of your choosing.

Rather than focusing only on the mainstream middle of the road topics other tubes narrowly publish, gets into all kinds of taboo topics and rare hard to quickly find niche XXX action. Grannies, Hentai, BBWs and Celebrity Pussy are among the most popular niches right now, but have a look for yourself and send them a message with any ideas you have for new content on the website. These guys listen to you, and that’s one of the reasons the site keeps getting better and better every year!